Dual Rainbow Pack

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Dual Rainbow Pack

The Rainbow Pack includes one of each color (not black) for a discounted bundle price. Colors included are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink and Purple Dual Vent Smoke Bombs.


▪️ Two vents (top and bottom).

▪️ Quick burn 30 seconds of smoke.

▪️ Wire pull (registered trademark) ignition.

▪️ Non-Toxic Smoke

▪️ Biodegradable body.

▪️ Weight: 0.265 lbs

How they work

To function the smoke bomb simply pull the ring to the side. What follows is one full minute of brilliantly colored, non-toxic smoke. The smoke is delivered from TWO VENTS, one at the top and one at the bottom of the smoke bomb.

What they're for

You will find Smoky Bombs primarily used for photoshoots and filming making but they also work great for paintball, air-soft, survival purposes and anything else your heart desires. Get creative with it and tag us in your sick shots on the gram (Instagram) to be featured on our page! 

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