Whether you're a first-time smoky user or just need a refresh, we're here to help you get the best tips for using your Smoky Bombs so you can get those eye-catching results for your upcoming photos, events, or even just for fun! 

Igniting your Smoky Bomb

STEP 1: Choose a safe location: Before using a smoke bomb, make sure you choose a safe location away from any flammable materials or people. Ensure you're not violating any local laws or regulations.

STEP 2: Pull the pin: This step is crucial, make sure to pull the pin STRAIGHT OUT. Not up, not down, but straight out from the smoke bomb. See the example below.
STEP 3: Position the smoke bomb: Once ignited, position the smoke bomb where you want it to be. You can hold it in your hand, place it on the ground, or use a mount.

STEP 4: Capture the moment: Make sure your camera and lighting are prepped and get ready to capture some sick videos and photos! If you're a first-time smoke bomb user we recommend having a few spares on hand to make sure you're able to capture the exact shot you're hoping for. 


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