Enola Gaye WP40 Gender Reveal Wire Pull® Smoke Bomb 3X - Smoky Bombs
Enola Gaye WP40 Gender Reveal Wire Pull® Smoke Bomb 3X - Smoky Bombs

Enola Gaye WP40 Gender Reveal Wire Pull® Smoke Bomb 3X

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How to keep it a surprise

Simple, send your friend or family member the link to our website and they can order the correct color smoke for you using their own email address because they will need to know which color they are buying! They will receive discreetly labeled smokes so as to not give away the gender until you pull the pin and the smoke reveals the gender of your baby!


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 $0-99  (usually $40) $10 TODAY
$100-199  (usually $30) $5 TODAY
$200-299  (usually $20) $3 TODAY
$300+ FREE Shipping


▪️ Discreet labels

▪️ 3 PCS Single Vent Style

▪️ 90 seconds of smoke

▪️ Wire pull (registered trademark) ignition

▪️ Non-Toxic Smoke

▪️ Biodegradable body

▪️ Individual Smokes Weight: 0.302 lbs

How they work

To function the smoke bomb simply pull the ring to the side. What follows is one full minute of brilliantly colored, non-toxic smoke. The smoke is delivered from a single vent at the top of the smoke bomb.

The largest customer frustration we face is our shipping costs. Unfortunately, hazmat shipping is the law, and like every other smoke bomb provider, we cannot do anything to mitigate this. We recommend you order as many as possible in one order to cut down on shipping per unit. That being said, we are proud to be the only smoke provider to pay for $30 of the $40 cost for Hazmat Shipping ourselves, bringing the cost to $10 only for you :)

Normal Hazmat Shipping Rates:

Cart value $0-$99: (normally $39.99) $10 TODAY

Cart value $100-$199: (normally $29.99) $5 TODAY

Cart value $200-$299: (normally $19.99) $3 TODAY

Cart value $300+: FREE SHIPPING 

*Smoky Bombs are classified as pyrotechnic devices by the USDOT. We are legally required to ship via hazmat. Hazmat products (like smoke bombs) are one of the most complicated, regulated, and expensive products to ship.

Orders ship Monday - Friday (excluding holidays). Orders placed before 11 AM on a weekday are normally processed the same day but during our busy season orders can take up to 3 days to process. Make sure to plan accordingly so you receive your Smoky Bombs on time.

Transit time will range between 2-7 business days based on where in the USA your order is shipping. All orders ship from the West Coast.

Tracking numbers will be emailed to the address provided on the order. If you do not receive your tracking information within 3 business days, please check your Spam and/or Junk folder as some filters pick up shipping messages.


Yeses 👍🏼

  • 2-7 day shipping
  • Shipped legally via FedEx Hazmat Ground Services, no Customs Duties or Taxes.
  • Free Shipping over $300

Nopes 👎🏼

  • We cannot ship to PO Boxes.
  • We cannot ship internationally. Only the continental USA.
  • Discounts on Shipping (only the price matrix above)

Smoky Bombs How to use

Step by step instructions:

1) Remove the Cap

2) Extend the the wire off to the side to get it ready to pull

3) Grip firmly AWAY from the smoke vents (vents also show red on the ends where the smoke will come out of)

4) Pull the pin TO THE SIDE. Do not pull straight out or it will result in a "dud"

5) Keep all objects including clothes and body parts at least two feet away from the emitting smoke.